Event # 13               

The only thing to say is it's been HOT. Looking forward to a break from the oppressive heat. Sure hope it comes soon!

The low gross last evening was Trevor Jasa with a  34. The low net was Charlie Crook with a 29. There were 2 eagles. One by Trevor Jasa, the other by Matt Williams.                


I have a list of all players & phone numbers here at the clubhouse for all the team's coaches. They might come in handy when you are looking for someone to sub for your team. They are here, just ask if you'd like a copy.

Below is the proposed schedules that were turned in. If you need a sub for your team and your guys can't play, you will have the list of players & phone numbers so that you can call those not scheduled to play to see if they'd be willing to play for your team. 

Scheduled players 7/16/18

Team Snethen-Crook: Rob Kosiski, Charles Crook, Conner Freeman, Keith McKim

Team Jasa-Jafari: Trevor Jasa, Mark Sunneberg, Andy Behrends, Fred Kenton

Team Dunlap-Gilkerson: Loyal Rippe, Duaine Stalder, Jon Dunlap, Matt Gilsdorf

Team Williams-Miller: Jeff Koehler, Justin Miller, Ken Hatten, Leon Wissmann

Team Joy-Joy: Greg Kolenda, Mark Joy, Michael Sandfort, Curt Maschman

Team Sunneberg-DeFreece:  John DeFreece, Dan Sunneberg, , Adam Burgett, Larry Sinagoga

Team Harlow-Harlow: Adam Harlow, Tim Blecha, Nathan Seitz, John

Team Ramer-Vice: Dave Bauman, Terry Vice, Stacey Edmundson, Spence Mercer

Team Godemann-Godemann: Dave Erwin, Jerimy Heft, Mike Vollmer, Harry Greibling

July Tournaments


28th-29th Two Day Open    Tecumseh/Kirkman's    3 person scramble    $120 (meal extra)

Call the clubhouse 402-862-2828 if you'd like to be added to the roster or drop in and sign up.