Event #13

The weather has been a bit brutal as of late. Not too many extra guys showing up to play and a couple who don't even call to say they won't be here. Thanks to those few who do show up. They were needed once again. If your team doesn't have enough players, your team suffers mightily.

The low gross was Trevor Jasa once again, with a 36. He also got an eagle on #8. The low net went to James Hartshorn with a 30. Will he make it once again as the handicap winner for the Club Championship? Come on out and make it an interesting battle! Ken Hantten and Michael Sandfort each got a birdie. (those little fliers really need to get out of the way). Great shooting all of you. Ya'll need to brave the heat and come out on Sunday for the Club Championship. Scratch winner-Handicap winner and Flights. And of course a meal when it's all over.

In case you aren't aware, we have a fun league on Wednesday nites. The guys who have been showing up to play are enjoying it. The rules are a bit more lax and fun is the main ingredient. Bring yourselves, and your friends anytime you want to play. You don't have to show up every week and you play with whomever you want to. For non-members it costs $10 to play, $5 for cart rental, $5 for the kitty. Cheaper than regular golf and there's a chance to win some money back.

Also want to mention the upcoming Mid-West Open. It's Aug 5-6 and $120 for the 2 day tourney with Calcutta after the first 18 holes. We really need some folks to start signing up. If you or someone you know would like to play, please contact the clubhouse or Mike Sandfort.


July Tournaments:

Sunday July 23rd  Kirkman's Club Championship. $35 per person. 8:30 start. Here's your chance to show off. We need lot's of over 50's to show up and teach they young bucks how it's done!

Sign up in the clubhouse or call and we'll add your name to the roster.