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League Minutes & Rules

KLGC League Rules Meeting, 4/5/2021

Number of players per team: The number of people who sign up will dictate how many we have on a team, keeping in mind that we want to have an even number of teams. We have enough people signed up for 10 teams.  We are hoping for at least 60 players.  Please promote and invite potential players to sign up.

Discussion on when to start league: Fun night and team draft will be 4/12 and the first night of league play will be 4/19.  The first 3 weeks and the last 3 weeks of regular league play will start at 5:30 p.m, as well as the playoffs.  The 2nd week in May(5/10/2021), we will move to 6:00 starts.   The 1st half of league will range from April 19 to June 14th.  The 2nd half of league will range from June 21st to August 16th.  Playoffs will start on August 23th and finish on August 30th.
Reminder: KLGC memberships need to be paid prior to the first night of league.  Also, we’d like to remind everyone that all alcohol is to be purchased from the clubhouse.  Our course needs the revenue to continue to have quality entertainment for years to come.  Golfers are proud to use good golf etiquette not only on the course, but also with your membership and support of the course.  We encourage members to call ahead and place your Alcohol orders in advance for carry out.
Once again this year, we are attempting to have evenly matched teams.  We will take the list and divide those signed up in to categories based on handicaps.  Each team will draft, so that they will have a member of each handicapped category on their team.  Somewhat similar to how we used to select teams based on the A players, B players, C players, etc.
A drop zone will be on hole 3 which may be used when your ball has entered the hazard either on the east or west side of the fairway.
Like last year, anyone 70 years or older can use the red tee boxes the first half and the white tee boxes the second half.  Again this year, anyone 70 years or older can use the red tee boxes on hole 6 all season long.
If all teams have finished > 5 holes on bad weather night and the round gets called off, it will still be entered as an official round.
Speed of play was discussed. Once again this year, “Give Me’s” will be allowed.  Jim Blecha will have a white circle with a 2 foot radius around the cup.  If the ball is on the white line or closer, it is a “Give Me”.  Consult your opposition for confirmation.  The Flag Stick in the hole is optional.  Please encourage each other to keep up with the group in front of you.
Also regarding slow play, on hole #4, when you reach the green please park your carts to the south or southwest of the green, so the players on the tee box can tee off. Players should tee off when the group ahead is on the green.
To qualify for the Brian Hall Memorial Terminator you need to have played in at least 7 events.
Balls will be allowed to be played up this year.  You will be able to move your ball up to 6 inches with your club(no hands), but must be left in the same area of play. In other words, if your ball lands in the rough it needs to stay in the rough, etc. 
On #2, the area right off the tee box will now be a hazard.  If you hit into this area, you have the option of hitting out of the hazard or taking a penalty stroke and take a drop on the same line behind the hazard where it entered.  If you can’t find your ball in this hazard, you will need to take the penalty stroke and take a drop in the line where it entered the hazard. 
There is now an area staked as a “RED” Hazard at the bend on #2.  If your ball goes in that hazard, you can hit it if you can find it, OR drop back in line of flight and take a penalty stroke.  If you can not find it, you must take a drop in the line of flight and take a penalty stroke.  The other areas on #2 where no hazard is marked, where water occasionally creates an unplayable lie will be considered ground under repair, and a free drop will be allowed no closer to the hole.  Also, if the course is compromised on account of flood waters or other problems, the decision will be made in the clubhouse and teams informed, if we will be playing pick up, clean, and place.

Forfeit Rule: If a team cannot yield a full team there will be a 2 point penalty assessed at the Tee Box.  There is no catching up or joining a team after leaving the first tee box.
Team scoring will be based on the players available.  For example: One team can only field 3 players, while the opponent has 4 players. There will be 3 matches scored for team points like normal. A 2 point penalty will be assessed.   The individual on the team, who can field a complete 4 player team, will receive both the Match Play and Medal Play points, even though he is not playing anyone.  So in other words, the best a 3 player team can do is earn 8 points, if they can’t yield a full team.
At the end of the regular season, there will be a 4 team playoff, no byes. To qualify for the playoffs, those teams who are 1st and 2nd for each half automatically qualify.
If a team gets 1st or 2nd in both halves, there will no longer be a bye. We will use total team points for the year to determine a “wild card” team(s).
We will “seed” teams for the playoff matches, based on total team points for the year. The #1 seed will play the #4 seed and the #2 seed will play the #3 seed in the first round of the playoffs.  The 1st round of the playoffs will tee off from the White Tees.  The finals will be played from the Blues.  Winners will play each other to determine the League Champion.
Handicapping Information
A golfer’s most recent 8 scores are used to calculate his handicap. The high score and low score are discarded. If less than 8 have been played, handicap will be based on only 1 round. Your score minus the Course rating = differential.
Use the differentials to calculate a handicap. Differentials ‘used’ are added together…
12.4 + 13.3+ 15.2+ 14.3+ 12.4 + 12.4 = 80.0
Then divide by the total number used. Pre-Handicap = 80.0/6 = 13.33
A regular player Handicap 90%. Handicap= 13.333 x 90 Handicap = 12.00
(Digits after hundredth place are deleted)
Convert the handicap to a ‘course’ handicap using the slope of the course being played   (Kirkman’s Lakeview)
Handicap= Handicap x (slope/113) = 12.00 x (108/113)
Handicap= 11.46

New Rules of Golf from a Season Ago
You can putt with the flag in or out.
If you need to take a drop for any reason, you can drop from your knees.
We will play Out of Bounds(OB) the same way we have in the past.  We will re-tee or re-shoot from previous spot.  This way there is no debate on where it went out of bounds.
If a ball is plugged in the fairway, you can pick up, clean and place. 

Men’s League Meals
Meals after League will be available.  We ask that you please sign up prior to golfing.  We’d ask that you support the course and its efforts.

Captains responsibilities:

  • Draft your team on 4/12. Collect $20/player and give to Mark Joy, Treasurer.
  • Make a schedule for your team, being as fair as possible to provide each player with an equal number of events.
  • Obtain phone numbers for each player and give to the clubhouse.
  • Give each player their schedule and give a copy to League Committee(LC) for the website.
  • Ensure your players know what to do if they are scheduled but can’t play.
  • Fill out the golf cards.
  • Ensure your team is ready to leave the clubhouse 15 minutes prior to tee time. This means they already have their beverages in the cart, have their score cards and are ready to go to the tee box. It’s very important that all teams are on their respective tee box at start time. 
  • When you arrive at the clubhouse, immediately check in with your captain, so they know to card you. 
  • There will be a sub list in the clubhouse, so if you are not scheduled to play and would like to play, have Clubhouse Staff put you on the list. Subs will be selected on a first come basis. No team can play with 2 subs if another team is short handed unless it is prearranged prior to league night. If you are signed up as a sub, and someone claims you, you must play for that team even if your own team is short handed.
  • Cards should be turned in ASAP, once round is completed. 
  • Record your team’s scores following the round.

The Men’s League will be donating funds to the club for improvements to the course or the facilities.  The QCGA Board of Directors will let us know its greatest needs for improvements.
The golf committee will settle any issues that come up regarding league play. They are: Curt Maschman, Russ Snethen, Mark Joy, and Dave Harlow.

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